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No unwanted messages. Get a match when the interest to connect is mutual.
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Start the conversation, break the ice in seconds. Meet over coffee.​

About us

We believe that meeting new people is the best way to find inspiration & new opportunities.
So we set out to make professional networking simple, efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

Key Figures

  • 2,001,328 users in the world
  • 14,004,274 professionals introductions in 2018
  • 100,000 messages sent every day
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"I got connected with a bunch of people. Long story short one of those became my employer. I'm software engineer at a great tech startup in NYC thanks to Shapr. You literally changed my life!"
Jooshuwa, Dec 8, 2018
Software Engineer
"Shapr is essential for every entrepreneur. I met mentors and my co-founder on this app and now I'm starting my own business."

Sarah Shelden
Start-up founder
"I like purpose driven entrepreneurs, social impact entrepreneurs and Shapr is rife with these people so I love Shapr!"

Daniel Poynter
Business Developer


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