Get Connected With Our Best Talent

Receive a list of qualified and interested candidates on Shapr Talent Connector.

Shapr Talent Connector
Shapr Talent Connector


Shapr’s concierge receives your search brief: job titles, years of experience, location, skills, companies…

Shapr Talent Connector


Shapr’s concierge will use our database to find profiles that match your requirements for the role.

Shapr Talent Connector


Your dedicated concierge will contact potential candidates to gauge their interest in your open role.

Shapr Talent Connector

We Introduce You

You will receive a list of the most motivated candidates.
The concierge will do a personal introduction with the people who you feel best fit the role

per hire

12% of the annual salary if the hire is made

  • No upfront cost. Success fee only.
  • Another search is guaranteed if the candidate leaves the company within the first 3 months
  • Get your first candidates within 7 working days.

Yearly plan

  • Improved visibility of your HR budget
  • The best deal if you plan more than 10 hires per year.

Why Choose Shapr Talent Connector?

Save Precious Time

You only have to complete a brief to receive a list of qualified and interested candidates.

Target Passive Candidates

Get connected to the Shapr community: professionals who are open-minded, willing to meet others, and emotionally skilled.

Save Your Money

Meet top-quality candidates for a much lower rate than hiring a headhunter.

We Go Beyond The Cold Email

Our personal approach directly from Shapr reps helps to maximize open and response rates.

What Our Clients Say

“The quality of the profiles suggested turns Shapr Talent Connector into a powerful sourcing channel.”

Tanguy  – Talent Acquisition Partner, 

Shapr Talent Connector

“Simple, efficient and fun, Shapr Talent Connector is the perfect fit for our sourcing needs”

Laura – Co-founder,

Get Connected With Our Best Talent on Shapr Talent Connector

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