Find inspiration, opportunities, and even new friends. 
Take networking from awkward to awesome.
Find your dream job

70% of job offers are invisible because filled in through networking. Your dream job is probably slipping through your fingers!

Using Shapr, you could be speaking to a CEO or your new cofounder within minutes of downloading the app.

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Meet inspiring people in your city

Sometimes, we simply want to meet people with common interests and go outside of our comfort zone. Inspiration comes with random encounter.

Get a match when the interest is mutual. No unwanted messages. No stress. All wow.

A different way to hire a collaborator

Do you like to go through impersonal CVs or contact hundreds of candidates? No? Well we don’t either!
With Shapr, we believe in the human dimension and personalization.

The personality is the number 1 differentiator between candidates according to recruiters. What’s better than an informal coffee to test it out?

"I got connected with a bunch of people. Long story short one of those became my employer. I'm software engineer at a great tech startup in NYC thanks to Shapr. You literally changed my life!"
Jooshuwa, Dec 8, 2018
Software Engineer
"Shapr is essential for every entrepreneur. I met mentors and my co-founder on this app and now I'm starting my own business."

Sarah Shelden
Start-up founder
"I like purpose driven entrepreneurs, social impact entrepreneurs and Shapr is rife with these people so I love Shapr!"

Daniel Poynter
Business Developer


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