According to a 2017 Gallup poll

 85% of people hate their job

What about you?

Yes, I hate my job. Save me!

Shapr can help you meet the right person to change your career.

NaH, I do love my job.

Love it even more by sharing your experience with like-minded professionals.

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"It was difficult to leave my sphere of influence behind...but the connections I made on Shapr led to several meetings with smart, engaging people and a job!"
Katryn Thorpe
Berkeley, US
"I scored my dream internship through Shapr. Now I get coffee twice a week with new people working at Deloitte and other top firms. It’s part of my life."
Santiago Falconi
Washington D.C, US
"You can’t assess for culture fit from a resume. Shapr is the perfect way to meet qualified, mid to senior level professionals."
Eugénie Chaltiel
Paris, France
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