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At Shapr, we believe that meeting new people is the best way to find inspiration & new opportunities. So we set out to make professional networking simple, efficient and enjoyable for everyone. Our goal? Getting as many people as possible into the habit of meeting one new person every week, or even every day! (Yes, that includes you.)

Welcome to Shapr

“Amazing opportunities come naturally when we stay curious, try to help others and keep an open mind. With Shapr, we’ve built a global community of professionals who realize every day how a little bit of serendipity can make a big difference.
And I can’t wait to meet you there!”

Ludovic Huraux – CEO & Co-Founder

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Ludovic Huraux


Thomas Bouttefort

Head of Growth & Data

Vincent Bobin


Jonathan Rogez

Chief Product Officer

The Team


The Team

Data Science

Paul Mochkovitch

Data Scientist

Olivier Yoo

Data Scientist

Alexandre Viguier

Data Analyst

Bilal Alauddin

Data Scientist Junior

Max Sofronov

Data Analyst

Bastien Decroix

Lead Android Developer

Rothanak Eap

Lead Back-End Developer

Muriel Lusseau

Senior Back-End Developer

Loïc Effner

Lead iOS Developer

Margaux Charles

iOS Developer

Tibere Poirson

Back-End Developer

François Pietka


Romain Reynaud

Back-End Developer

The Team


The Team


Laura Mondoloni

Product Owner

Quentin Guillemineau

Scrum Master

Julie Pointurier

Product Owner

Vianney Beghin

Lead Traffic Manager

Isabelle Coignet

Graphic Motion Designer

Steven Miller

Head of Media Partnerships

Lucie Huang

Traffic Manager

Kenza Adwan

Traffic Manager

Ana Perruchaud

CRM Manager

Audrey Nguyen

Graphic Designer

The Team


The Team

Talent Connector

Paul Munos

Head of Biz Dev

Alexandre Lathière

Sales Representative

Anne-Sophie Chambon

Head of People & Talent Sourcer

Mubeena Abdoul Vahab

Talent Sourcer

Gautier Martin

Talent Sourcer

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