Our most efficient ways of recruiting – starting at $15

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The science of recruiting is a mix of brand and tactics. Let’s talk tactics. Like any young company that needs to grow fast, we needed skilled people, as motivated as us, and we needed them yesterday. Here is what worked and what didn’t.

1. Job boards:

A total waste of money and time. Either we had no applicants, or (most of the time) tons of applicants and so few (if not any) matched our needs. Forget it.

Results: Expensive. Doesn’t work.

2. Some automation on Linkedin:

We developed quite a technique here using a marketing automation tool costing $15 / month and the right process. This is what we do when the above has not performed well. Send us an email if you want to know more about it and receive the full process.

Results: Cheap. Time consuming. Recommended.

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3. Keep networking all the time:

Well, we have that in our DNA, we love meeting new people regularly so it worked pretty well for us on many occasions. What’s great is that you initially meet the person on a totally different context with no job position at stake. Now, the not-so-good/efficient part is that your network is made of people working in jobs similar to yours. 
Knowing that 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talents who aren’t actively searching for a job, and the remaining 30% are active job seekers, networking makes a lot of sense. Used as a true recruitment strategy, networking can help identify passive but qualified candidates.

Results: Free. Takes time. Hard to cover all jobs. Recommended.

4. Employee referral bonuses:

This can work so incredibly well. Don’t hesitate to offer $2k or $3k for each recruitment. Studies even show that employee referral is a faster and cheaper way to recruit. 

At Shapr, we have hired 3 team members thanks to referrals and all three newcomers proved to onboard faster – and thus perform more quickly – than new hires who just applied using standardized channels. 

Your good talents are likely to know other good talents, employee referral is most of the time a win/win situation. In the case of very specialized or technical jobs your own employees might have access to colleagues with these types of skills

Results: Reasonable price. No time. Everybody’s happy. Slow to respond. Highly recommended.

5. Ask Shapr members:

Asking Shapr users is our best way of sourcing by far. We hired curious, talented and easy-going people.  Just to give you an example, we hired our two Product Managers using the app: what better match could we get than new hires who are already Shapr users? 

 The good news is that you can send us a brief and our Talent Sourcer will find the perfect matches for you among Shapr users (12 % of annual salary and only if you hire).

Results: Reasonable price. Very little time. Scalable. Highly recommended.

6. Ask a headhunter:

When the profile is highly specific, or when there are way more job offers than potential candidates (tech people…ha), or when we need to scale fast… we ask headhunters, pay 25% to 30% of annual salary… and hate ourselves.

Results: Expensive. Scalable. Desperate case.


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